Lisa Westerlaken – The Inner Sage

Who are you? Have you ever had a time where you knew you “should” make a change however ignored the signs?  and kept ignoring the signs until the Universe stepped in and caused major upheaval so you had no choice other than to make a change…… Both professionally and personally I certainly have!  and not … Continue reading Lisa Westerlaken – The Inner Sage

NATALY TORMEY – WWC Community Healthy Education

Who are you? My name is Nataly and I am the founder of WWC Community Health Education, formally known as WONDERWOMAN Children. It is an organisation that was built whilst I was at home with my two little children, a single mum and studying a degree in nursing. I did not realise that it would … Continue reading NATALY TORMEY – WWC Community Healthy Education

Mumprenuer – Genie Pepper

Who are you? Firstly I am a mother, I start my day with my kids jumping on me in bed to wake me for cuddles. I end my day reading to them and sometimes patting my youngest to sleep followed finally by my wind-down time with my kindle. I am also a co-owner of Plum Australia. Plum … Continue reading Mumprenuer – Genie Pepper


CARE FOR THE AWAKENING BEING The shift from the ego driven self to the soul self can be a tumultuous journey for an awakening being. The reluctance of the ego to let go of that which no longer serves can be an exceptionally challenging time. Our goal to be a soul infused being, requires a … Continue reading FROM CHALLENGES COMES JOY


So I decided to make truffles as gifts this Easter, something I have done many times before but alas my truffles failed! The ganache was too soft and wouldn’t roll into balls instead melting into delicious brown blobs of goo.


I have worked with many artists and designers, particularly those at the beginning of their careers. I have watched as some have easily and quickly gained success while not much has happened for others. I have often wondered why some artists have reached a level of success while others of equal talent or even more … Continue reading ARTIST’S KEYS FOR SUCCESS


All over the world women are embracing their entrepreneurial spirits and starting businesses for themselves. Woman have had an enough of not getting equal pay, not having flexibility to be there for their children and not reaching their full potential. Women are realising if they want a work life/balance and success then they have to create … Continue reading MUMPRENEURS


Most single mothers didn't plan on being single Mum's. The fact that women find themselves in this position generally indicates that there must have been something lacking in their relationship in the first place. Looking at it from this angle means that by no longer being in a dysfunctional relationship or a relationship that no … Continue reading SINGLE MUMS


An empowered woman lives a life that honours, values and nurtures her individuality, dreams and potential. We may not even be aware that we are living from a place of disempowerment. Weighed down by responsibility and the demands of our modern living, we may be giving away our power willingly and unknowingly forsaking a higher … Continue reading EMPOWERED WOMEN