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“The Key for Me” will be launching our first meditation app next month.

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“The Key for Me” will motivate and empower by supporting you to find the keys to heal, and transform to set in motional goals and aspirations to help you make a better life for yourself.

“The Key for Me” blog brings together people from all over the world and from all walks of life to contribute their stories, their dreams and talents to share.

The Key for Me will inspire you to find the key for you.

About Rosemary 

Rosemary is a healer, meditation teacher, writer and inspirational speaker. For over 20 years, Rosemary has been supporting people cope with stress, overcome anxiety and fears to help them achieve positive change. Rosemary offers a variety of healing practices which allow people to successfully take control of their lives. Through her workshops, guided meditations and healing therapies Rosemary assists her clients to achieve their full potential to allow for a more fulfilling and harmonious life.

Rosemary’s techniques include:

  • Relaxation therapy
  • Stress management
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Transformational Kinesiology
  • Metaphysics
  • Body Healing therapies
  • Counselling & Coaching
  • Massage




“Beautifully uplifting this is not just another mummy blog. written truthfully and based on first-hand experiences. This is Inspirational guidance that will empower you to be the best version of yourself”. Lauren

“The Keys will inspire and give hope”. Nora

“Empowering philosophy for self reflection, regeneration and healing”.  Zoe


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