Meditation The Gateway to Discovery

Living in the hectic fast paced twenty first century can be both a wonderful and challenging experience. Constantly bombarded with the myriad of things we have to do, places we need to be, feeling overburdened with responsibilities, cares and stresses it’s easy to feel lost and disconnected from others, our self and our life purpose. … Continue reading Meditation The Gateway to Discovery

Jiggly bits

We were enjoying an afternoon ocean walk on a glorious autumn day when I called out “I’ll race you to that big rock” to our young girls who were walking slightly ahead of me and my friend.

Rosemary’s Amaretto Chocolate Salami

Last Christmas I received a particularly special gift from my dear elderly aunt.  Her usual Christmas gift to me is an Italian Panetone or a bottle of wine. This year however I was gifted a bottle of amaretto liqueur that my Zio, her husband, had made ten years earlier, the date clearly marked on a … Continue reading Rosemary’s Amaretto Chocolate Salami

Kimberley Smith – The Fit Mummy Project

Who are you?  My name is Kimberley Smith. I am a former corporate lawyer and professional netball player. In 2011 I swapped the court / court room for a career in health and fitness. I am now a qualified personal trainer and yoga teacher specialising in postnatal wellbeing. I am also a Mum to two … Continue reading Kimberley Smith – The Fit Mummy Project

Shentel Lee “An Accidental Business”

Who are you?  I’m Aussie born Designer who is currently living on the Island of Borneo in a rather small city called Kuching, AKA “Cat City.” I moved here after marrying my high school sweetheart and have two boys, Benjamin who is four and Kingston who is two. Next year would be my tenth year … Continue reading Shentel Lee “An Accidental Business”

Bringing Home Baby

Coping Tips for the first 6 weeks with your newborn.  Bringing home our first baby was the most exhilarating and terrifying experience.  It was our responsibility to keep our beloved baby alive, safe and well. The drive from the hospital to home with our precious cargo was nerve racking. When picking him up we did … Continue reading Bringing Home Baby

Priscilla Barbosa “Throw kindness around like confetti.”

Who are you? I'm a dreamer but also a lifestyle photographer, 🙂 Photography is a big part of me and that's why I always mention when people asked me Who I am... Photography keeps me inspired all the time and helps me to see simple moments that sometimes on the rush of our days you're not able to notice. Photography also … Continue reading Priscilla Barbosa “Throw kindness around like confetti.”

How to deal with Impossible People?

Everyone at some point in their life has encountered a difficult person. I recently received a threatening email from a colleague. I had heard stories of this person bulling other staff members and I had found her to be brusque but this was my first seriously negative encounter with her.

Sarah Roocroft “Let’s give it a go”

Who are you?  I’m Sarah Roocroft, a crazy Mum with a hell of a lot of things on the go. I’m passionate about getting people to think differently so that they can unlock their very best life, I do this through platforms like and I’ve just launched a creative consultancy for HR professionals called The Wonder … Continue reading Sarah Roocroft “Let’s give it a go”

Edith Öller – Träumeland

Who are you? My name is Edith and I am working as a Business Development Manager at Träumeland. Träumeland is a leading European brand for “breathing” (= ventilated) baby mattresses. We always try to be ahead of the market and we are expanding rather quickly. I’m involved in developing new products, new markets and the organization … Continue reading Edith Öller – Träumeland